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Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a conversation style that supports change in a manner congruent with a person's own values and concerns using collaborative, goal-orientated methods of communication. This two-day workshop will focus on deepening MI learning and skills. This training is appropriate for helping professionals with previous MI training OR practice experience in the role of supporting individuals to make and sustain behavior changes: social workers, physicians, nurses, health educators, care managers, dieticians, counselors, psychologists, life and health coaches, clergy, probation/corrections officers, personal trainers, school counselors, and educators. Develop a personal learning plan and objectives for ongoing MI practice and growth. Provider approved for 14 hours by the California Board of Nursing, which may reciprocate for other professional CEUs. This course is approved for 14 hours by the Oregon Health Authority to provide Continuing Education Units to all traditional health workers (Community Health Workers, Personal Health Navigators, Doulas, Peer Support Specialists, and Peer Wellness Specialists). Professional Development Units offered for educators. Registration/refund deadline 4/11. Training Dates: April 13 & April 21.

Bend, Oregon, USA
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Day 1 of Two-Day Training
13 Apr 2018 -
12:30am to 8:30am
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