Virtual 4 hour Introductory Training

Having a hard time finding an MI training in your area or needing an introductory workshop to start learning the language of MI that doesn’t require too much time or travel?

This 4 hour virtual workshop only requires you have a computer to log in to to see the information and videos and be able to remotely have conversations with those at the workshop.  I am using Zoom which makes you feel like you are actually in the room and having used this for several other workshops there is very little technical difficulties.

This 4 hour workshop is packed with powerful information that will both introduce you to MI, or be a refresher for key skills of:

  • The Four Processes of MI:  Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning – the purpose of each process and how to use them to
  • How to pull for “change talk” versus “sustain talk” or “discord” as a key indicator of movement towards change
  • How to use the “micro-skills” of MI:  Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries
  • How to explore and resolve ambivalence with behavior change and pull for a client’s values
  • Differentiate and practice using simple versus complex reflections
  • Introduction to the “spirit” of MI – the foundation of using the skills of partnership, compassion, evocation, and acceptance
  • Experience an MI conversation as a way to help learn and believe in the method
Los Angeles, California
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4 hour Introductory Virtual Training
29 Mar 2018 -
8:30am to 4:30pm
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