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Bard (nee Scrase)
Clinical Veterinary Science PhD Student, The University of Bristol
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The University of Bristol
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Langford House
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BS40 5DU
United Kingdom
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About Me
The veterinary context
Being a veterinarian is not just about science and methodology. In the livestock industry, encouraging and motivating clients to improve animal husbandry and adopt veterinary advice remains a critical challenge to improving animal health and welfare. My research is the first to test the applicability of MI to the veterinary profession, where I hope to establish whether MI communication can positively enhance conversations on behaviour change between cattle veterinarians and their farm clients.
Why MI?
My research suggests that veterinarians are typically very directive when communicating on matters of animal health, readily relying on the 'righting reflex' to stimulate change on-farm. In the context of complex herd health management, this approach does little to resolve the ambivalence farmers feel when considering management change, nor does it promote their personal expertise and autonomy in decision making processes.  To improve the lives of farmers and their cattle, and help veterinarians to engage in more meaningful conversations about change, I have been funded by the British Veterinary Association Animal Welfare Foundation to research the applicability of MI to this field.
My work
My investigations on this topic are being made using a mixed-methods approach, to both create a detailed picture of current advisory and communication strategies employed by UK cattle veterinarians, and to develop and trial a training intervention for cattle veterinarians in the MI methodology.
I am passionate about the potential for MI to not only help veterinarians and their clients in the dairy sector, but in a wide range of veterinarian-client contexts.
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