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Director of Operations, Resolutions Therapy LLC
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Resolutions Therapy LLC
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I was originally exposed to Motivational Interviewing in 1998 while attending Wichita State University under the instruction of Mariann Suarez, Ph.D., ABPP, FACBP, who has gone on to write "Motivational Interviewing with Adolescents and Young Adults." After being initially exposed to Motivational Interviewing in college I began attending a number of trainings over the years, including and initial training with Stephen Brazil MA, LAC and Theresa B. Moyers, Ph.D..

Over the years I practiced Motivational Interviewing in clinical settings, including substance abuse treatment with adolescents and families and attended the Motivational Interviewing TNT in 2008. Since that time I have provided trainings for hundreds of clinicians accross the state of Kansas, including all of the social workers in the state of Kansas for Child Protective Services (previously SRS), several school districts, corrections, and various substance abuse treatment programs, domestic violence programs, and students from local universities. In addition to basic trainings, I also currently offer ongoing advanced trainings for organizations committed to furthering the skills of their clinicians, which occur on either a monthly or every other month basis.

I'm currently the Director of Operations for a therapy private practice called Resolutions Therapy LLC, which has two locations in Wichita, KS and continue to offer a number of trainings each year for various organizations.

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Criminal Justice
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Motivational Interviewing is a passion of mine. In terms of helping people explore and resolve ambivalence about change, there's scarcely a more effective and productive model out there, especially in situations involving constraints on time with clients. While certainly not a cure all, Motivational Interviewing is a skill, which develops and deepens with continued practice over time, allowing clinicians to become increasingly flexible and creative in terms of how they work with clients.

The skilled clinician utilizing Motivational Interviewing can often accomplish in minutes what might take other clinicians hours or weeks and the experience reflects the values of the client, rather than those of the clinician, effectively getting the clinician "out of the way" in therapy.

I've continued to be amazed over the years at the difference in clinical skill therapists and other professionals can develop through ongoing practice and have a strong appreciation for the flexibility of Motivational Interviewing, as not all evidence based models offer as much room for creativity on the part of the clinician as Motivational Interviewing has the potential to deliver.

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