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Upcoming Events

Date Title Category title Location
24th September 2014 Portland, ME Introductory Introductory Portland, Maine
26th September 2014 Asheville, NC. MAHEC Campus Group Group Asheville, NC. MAHEC Campus
26th September 2014 Portland, ME Advanced Advanced Portland, Maine
1st October 2014 San Francisco - MI Advanced Intensive (3-day) Advanced San Francisco, CA USA
3rd October 2014 Charleston, SC, US -Introduction Introductory MUSC Bioengineering Building Room 112, 68 President Street Charleston, SC 29425
4th October 2014 San Diego, CA Advanced Advanced San Diego, CA
13th October 2014 Spokane, WA Advanced Spokane, WA
16th October 2014 Instructor led Introduction Introductory international
16th October 2014 Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Providers Evocation module Introductory Asheville, NC. MAHEC Campus
17th October 2014 Asheville, NC, MAHEC Campus Advanced Skills & Skills for Supervisors Workshop Advanced Asheville, NC. MAHEC Campus
20th October 2014 Birmingham-UK, Advanced Motivational Interviewing Advanced Birmingham, UK
24th October 2014 Portland, Oregon Introductory Introductory World Forestry Center - Portland, Oregon
27th October 2014 New York, NY, All Levels - Motivational Interviewing: Theory and Skill Building Training Seminar. Other Hotel Beacon, Broadway at W. 75th Street, New York City
28th October 2014 Reno, NV, Introduction Introductory Reno, Nevada
30th October 2014 Asheville, NC, US/streaming - Healthcare - Planning module Introductory Asheville, NC. MAHEC Campus
1st November 2014 Los Angeles, CA, US -Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Introductory 12304 Santa Monica Blvd. Ste. 218 Los Angeles, CA 90025
3rd November 2014 Portland, ME Supervision and Coaching Supervision and coaching Portland, Maine
6th November 2014 London, UK Introductory Introductory Xenia 2 Secker St Waterloo London SE1 8UF United Kingdom
6th November 2014 Charlotte, NC MI Basics Introductory 4701 Hedgemore Dr Suite 301 Charlotte, NC
11th November 2014 Chapel Hill, NC Introductory Introductory Chapel HIll/Carrboro, NC (closet airport is RDU/Raleigh)
12th November 2014 Springfield, MA Introductory Introductory Springfield, Massachusetts
14th November 2014 Springfield, MA Advanced Advanced Springfield, Massachusetts
14th November 2014 St. Louis, MO Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory St. Louis, MO
19th November 2014 Birmingham, UK - Introductory Introductory Birmingham UK
1st December 2014 Münster, Germany Introductory Introductory Münster, Germany
3rd December 2014 Portland, ME Introductory Introductory Portland, Maine
3rd December 2014 San Francisco - MI Introductory Intensive (3-day) Introductory San Francisco, CA USA
5th December 2014 Durham, NC Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Durham, NC
5th December 2014 Portland, ME Advanced Advanced Portland, Maine
11th December 2014 Atlanta, GA Intermediate/Advanced Advanced Atlanta, GA
13th December 2014 NYC Introductory Intensive MI Training Introductory New York, NY
9th January 2015 Atlanta, GA Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Atlanta, GA
12th January 2015 Portland, ME Introductory for Tobacco Cessation intervention Introductory Portland, Maine
27th February 2015 Seattle, WA Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Seattle, WA
27th March 2015 Chicago, IL Introductory for Nutrition Professionals Introductory Chicago, IL
15th April 2015 Introduction to Motivational Interviewing Introductory Birmingham UK
24th April 2015 Boston, MA Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Boston, MA
15th May 2015 Indianapolis, IN Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Indianapolis, IN
23rd October 2015 Denver, CO Introductory Nutrition Professionals Introductory Denver, CO