Upcoming Events

Date Title Category title Location
3rd October 2016 Augusta, ME USA Supervision Augusta, Maine
3rd October 2016 Stratford, ON, CAN - Advanced MI (Bill Miller) (2 day) Advanced Stratford, ON, CAN
6th October 2016 Auburn, ME USA Advanced Auburn, Maine
6th October 2016 Birmingham, UK Advanced Advanced Birmingham, UK
12th October 2016 San Francisco, CA Advanced Advanced San Francisco, CA USA
13th October 2016 Portland, OR Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate Portland, Oregon, USA
14th October 2016 Boston, MA USA Introductory Introductory Boston, MA
14th October 2016 Los Angeles, CA, US - Introductory 2 Day Training Introductory Los Angeles, California
21st October 2016 Bend, Oregon, USA Introductory Bend, Oregon, USA
24th October 2016 New York, NY All levels Other Hotel Beacon, 2130 Broadway at W. 75th Street, New York, NY, USA
26th October 2016 Greensboro, NC, USA Intermediate Intermediate Lusk Center, Greensboro, NC
28th October 2016 Berkely, CA USA Introductory for Addictions Counselors Introductory berkeley, CA, USA
28th October 2016 Vancouver, B.C. Introductory Nutrition professionals Introductory Vancouver, BC, Canada
29th October 2016 Carrboro, NC - Personal Change Carrboro, NC
2nd November 2016 Spokane, WA USA Advanced Spokane, WA
2nd November 2016 Springfield, MA USA Introductory Introductory Springfield, Massachusetts
3rd November 2016 Bend, OR USA Intermediate Intermediate Bend, Oregon, USA
4th November 2016 Springfield, MA USA Advanced Springfield, Massachusetts
7th November 2016 Coeur d'Alene, Idaho - Introductory Introductory Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
9th November 2016 Milwaukee, WI USA MITI 4.2.1 Coding Advanced 620 S. 76th St. Suite 120 Milwaukee, WI 53214
9th November 2016 Portland, OR Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate World Forestry Center, 4033 SW Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221
10th November 2016 Andover, KS Advanced Advanced Butler County Community College, 5000 Building, Room: Grizzly, 715 E. 13th St., Andover, KS 67002
10th November 2016 Facilitator led workshop Introductory Introductory international
11th November 2016 Australia (Sunshine Coast, Queensland), Introductory MI Introductory University of Sunshine Coast (USC)
 90 Sippy Downs Dve
 Sippy Downs Q 4556
14th November 2016 Advanced MI with Bill Miller Advanced Albuquerque, NM, US
16th November 2016 Pittsburgh, PA USA Coding MIA: STEP Advanced Pittsburgh
25th November 2016 Australia (Gold Coast, Queensland) Introductory MI Introductory Southport Yacht Club
 1 Macarthur Pde Main Beach Q 4217
30th November 2016 Portland, ME USA Introductory Introductory Portland, Maine
30th November 2016 San Francicso, CA 3-day Introductory Introductory San Francisco, CA USA
2nd December 2016 Miramar, FL Basic/Intermediate Nutrition Professionals Introductory Miramar, Florida
2nd December 2016 Portland, ME USA Advanced Portland, Maine
6th December 2016 MICA Coding Training - LIVE Streaming Advanced Streaming OR on location Spokane, Washington
8th December 2016 Charlotte, NC Introductory Introductory Charlotte, NC
10th December 2016 San Diego, CA Advanced Advanced San Diego, CA
25th January 2017 Portland, OR Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate World Forestry Center, 4033 SW Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221
8th February 2017 Birmingham, England Introductory Introductory Birmingham England
28th June 2017 Portland, OR Introductory [3-days] Introductory World Forestry Center; 4033 SW Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221
5th July 2017 Birmingham, England Introductory Birmingham, England
20th September 2017 Birmingham, England Intermediate Intermediate Birmingham, England
8th November 2017 Portland, OR Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate World Forestry Center, 4033 SW Canyon Road Portland, OR 97221
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